Monday, April 5, 2010

A hat quest

So Baby needs a sunhat, but even though he has a very big head for a 5-week-old, his head is still quite small in the world of hats, so I can't find one. I tried five different hats on him at Target and all were way too big. I really really love the hats this woman makes, but I'm not sure the smallest size would fit Worth yet. I'm ordering one anyway (the sock monkeys or the motorcycles and flames??), but in the meantime I tried to make him one. I made two hats out of a thrifted blue sheet; the one pictured above is Butterick 4712, and I also made a bucket-style hat from Simplicity 2684. Both lovely hats (I prefer the brim on Simplicity 2684, for the record, and am planning to make one for Dorothy) but both are too big. I'm eyeing a pattern I have on hand for a Cabbage Patch doll hat. There is still plenty of sheet left, but I think I might be done with hats for a bit. Maybe Baby needs some cool shades instead?

The other project in my picture is a fleece soaker. I had made him several before he was born, from this pattern. One of them is pictured in an older post. The newborn size never fit my 9 lb 5 oz chunk, but the size small fits him perfectly right now. The fleece is also keeping the moisture in quite nicely. Based on a recommendation I read on the internet, I'm only using Joann's anti-bill or blizzard fleece to make diapers, because apparently they are more water-resistant than the other kinds. Anyway, I'm making more because they seem to be good diaper covers and they double as cute shorts. I made the fishy one yesterday and am hoping to try another in the next size up soon.

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