Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A room of his own

It's not finished--but it's unpacked.  Hooray!  Worth's cozy attic room is so fun to work in after all the time I spent daydreaming during my pregnancy and beyond about creating a space for this child.  His room is actually on the same level as the master and Dorothy's room, but our new place is a camel back, meaning that the back of the house has a full second floor but the front does not, making his bedroom seem like a little attic perch while ours are just plain (full-height) bedrooms.  Dorothy could have chosen any room she wished, but she did not choose this one because of the paneled walls.  I see her point, but the space is twice the size of hers--she'll regret it some day.  I have big plans for this room (map-printed curtains are a priority, as is painting that dingy ceiling), but for now it is set up and functional and, for the first time, a real space constructed with my son in mind.  His father's Marine Corps foot locker is his toy box; his "piggy bank" is a combination safe of the same origin.  His big-boy bed is on the floor so we won't have head-bumps, and I repurposed a shoe organizer to hold toy cars and finger puppets.  It seems fitting that Worth's room should be the first room that is fully unpacked and put together--he's waited long enough!

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