Thursday, January 28, 2010

A fun new tote bag

In addition to our tie-dyed shirts of yesterday, I also dyed a length of leftover white cotton fabric. Today I made a simple tote bag out of some of it, with a tiny little drawstring bag to contain it, so I can tuck it in my diaper bag in case I need to carry home extra wet clothes. I find it's also nice just to have extra bags around in case I forget to bring in my reusable grocery sacks, or we accumulate too many toys in the car to carry back in the house in an easy armload. Maybe I could even put it over my head on a really bad hair day? (Just kidding.)

I'm not sure what I'll do with the fabric that's left. It's just enough to do something cute for Dorothy or a small project, but I think I'll hang on to it until I'm inspired.

So you've heard of pregnancy brain? This is the kind of idiot I was today. I went to my local Joann store to pick up a couple things, including a little girl skirt pattern I wanted for Dorothy. I'd looked through patterns on the internet and found a specific McCalls pattern I wanted, and had written down an alternate (also McCalls) in case it wasn't in stock. McCalls patterns were on sale today for $1.99, so I'd timed this errand carefully. I get to the store, pick up the other item I need, then head to the *Butterick* pattern section, and (surprise!) couldn't find the number I needed. Or the alternate. Rats! So I head to the pattern table, select the *Butterick* book, choose a pattern I don't like nearly as well as the others (which they don't even seem to have in their book? How odd!) and head for the checkout. Then I got charged waaayyy more than $1.99 for the pattern (duh), realize it, go back inside to complain, figure out my mistake while I'm showing the salesclerk the ad (oops!), decide it's not worth switching now because I'm tired and hungry, get halfway down the road, then realize I never even looked at the size on the ill-fated, accidently-purchased pattern. I pull it out at the next traffic starts at size 7, which is approximately four sizes too big for my skirt-wearing girl. Arrrgghhh!!!!

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  1. Awww...I love your new blog! I wish I could see you while you're still pregnant:)

    Dev and I are getting over an awful flu:(

    Miss you guys!