Sunday, April 24, 2011

Matching Easter dresses

Dorothy was in her ballet recital this weekend. The cuteness of a dozen girls in fluffy tutus under bright lights really can't be exaggerated--it's priceless. We love the low-stakes casualness of the recital our studio puts on. The girls have every reason to feel good and no reasons to feel anxious. I took Dorothy to the park near our house last week to take some informal pictures in her recital costume.  This one is my favorite. Such a free-spirited dancer!
I finished our Easter dresses yesterday, just in the nick of time. Dorothy's is Simplicity 2237 and mine is Butterick B4443. I lined both of them fully in a lighter lavender. I made hers in a size 5 but it is a bit wide for her. It's still cute and I'll use the pattern again but next time I'll cut it to be more narrow.  I made mine in a size 14 even though I'm usually a size 10 because the pattern measurements suggested that's what I'd require, but it was wrong.  The dress is too big all over, especially the armholes. I felt discouraged when I looked at our pictures because after going to the trouble of making us matching dresses I wanted to like the way I looked! It is never flattering to wear clothes that don't fit. Now I've ripped up much of the bodice and taken in the seams, so next time I wear the dress it should look better. I will probably make this pattern again because I still like the overall style, simpleness of construction, and that it doesn't take much fabric, but next time I'll make it in my usual size.
I used inexpensive cottons for our dresses so they are both comfortable and washable. The contrasting bands around the waist are of a pretty batik. I glued fabric and ribbon flowers onto plain white headbands so we could match in accessories too. I suggested that Dorothy make a practical footwear choice like me but she'd have none of it! As it turned out the rain stopped, so I could have worn my (planned) white sandals after all.

The little imp edging in our picture here is my niece Lila. She doesn't need a purple dress to look like me, does she? Don't tell her that, though--it makes her furious!

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