Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The plate of good behavior

Right before Worth was born Dorothy and I discovered a new mother/daughter craft. We acquired a couple packs of porcelain markers, which are like paint pens that you can use to write on dishes, then bake in your own oven. The results are food safe and dishwasher safe. We have several projects still in the works; these shown got interrupted by a baby then finally baked and completed yesterday. The plate Dorothy is cheesing over was my own work. Although I'm no marker artist, I made a simple colorful design and wrote the words "Good Behavior Plate" at the top of some Dollar Tree stoneware. It's meant to be a household honor to eat off it at dinner, a treat only allowed to little girls who maintain good behavior all day. So far it seems to be highly motivating, and she proudly used it this morning (pictured) and evening.

This mug was one of Dorothy's projects. I wrote "Mom's Coffee" and she decorated it for me--front, back and handle. It's charming and I enjoyed using it this morning. The mug was also Dollar Tree stoneware, but we've also been decorating some cool thrift store finds. Porcelain pens are fun!

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