Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yes, my baby can breathe, thank you very much

Two things about this picture. Well, three if you count my disclaimer about the baby weight. :) First, I'm sewing again, hooray! Today was the first day I broke out the sewing machine since Baby was born, and I successfully finished this comfy knit skirt I'd cut out a few weeks ago. It's stretchy and perfect for post-partum, and I think I'll get a lot of use out of it this summer. It's made on the same pattern as the bird skirt below (Simplicity 2758) but I didn't bother with interfacing or anything, since the whole point of sewing it in knit was so that it would stretch. It felt good to be sitting at my sewing table again! Worth spent almost the whole time in the mei tai, but did agree to sit in his swing long enough for me to set the zipper.

Second, the mei tai baby carrier. I'd like to make a public service announcement to nosey people everywhere: YES, MY BABY CAN BREATHE IN THERE, AND ACTUALLY, IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ANYWAY. Here's an article explaining why people armed with a very limited amount of information should keep their mouths shut to mothers who know more than they do. I don't go around condemning mothers who carry their babies around in car seats (Google it, car seats are made for the car; they are not meant to be your baby's permanent cage!), and I really don't appreciate the inquiries I've been getting about my kid's airways while he's happily tucked away close to my heart, thriving. Ok, off my soapbox now!


  1. Do you make those slings? Most importantly, do you SELL those slings that you may or may not make? ;)

  2. I do make them, but I don't sell them, 'cause they are enough trouble to sew and use enough yardage that I'd have to charge as much as the big guys to make it worthwhile. This is the place to buy them: http://www.babyhawk.com/. I got my first one there and I love it! :)