Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A series of costume changes

The good thing about how much laundry we're going through around here these days is that I get to keep dressing (and re-dressing!) the baby in the clothes we're been making and accumulating for him in the past months. Here's a series of cute pictures I took of him yesterday in some little crocheted wool shorties and a dyed and printed t-shirt I bought him at the amazing local store Mama's Hip, which sells (among other things) goodies made by other Louisville mamas. He's also been looking super cute in some of the dyed shirts Dorothy and I made for him. I'll post pictures soon. Diaper-wise, my homemade dipes are working out well for the most part. The wool soakers are great because he's such a heavy wetter, but the itty bitty pocket diapers are a wee bit too snug once I've stuffed them with enough absorbent insides to contain all his pee. The next size up is still a bit big in the legs, but I'm sure he'll fill them out soon.
On the whole we seem to be adjusting well to being a family of four. Dorothy is a champ at this big sister thing, and Worth clearly already adores her. Today I bought her a work/coloring book at Target and a new set of markers just to keep in the car, so she has something special to do when we have to sit in parking lots and nurse--I'd forgotten about that. I'm sure there's a joke in there somwhere about how many of life's little challenges can be solved by a trip to Target. Oh well, I'm happy to be Target's target demographic (no pun intended) as long as they keep solving my problems. :)

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  1. Renata, You are so talented! I love reading these posts. I know I haven't commented until today but I have been reading. I'm so impressed. I want to hire you to teach me how to be so crafty! Glad all is going well with the baby. ~Teressa