Saturday, November 13, 2010

House house house house house house

The house that is soon to be someone else's!  She offered.  We counter-offered.  She accepted.  OMG!  There will be an inspection late this week, but I feel pretty confident it should go well since we know of no problems with our little home.  (Other than the size of it, if you are a family of four, which she's not.)  She's on board with a pre-Christmas move, but there is now the not-so-small detail of finding a home for us to move into.  We looked at a half dozen places today and I'm afraid they were underwhelming.  The boring cape cod, the house with the terrific sewing space but closet-like kitchen, the home that is lovely but in a bad location.  Hmm.  We have a few more to see yet, so we're hopeful.  This isn't really the best time to be looking for a new place, calendar-wise, but I'm sure something will turn up.  In the meantime I'm having a bit of trouble sleeping.  I can't even mentally plot out furniture layouts or curtain plans since I have no idea where we're moving!


  1. CONGRATS! Can't wait to see what you all find....exciting! I would think if you did find a house you like, people might be willing to bargain as we head into the holidays.

  2. YAAAAY!!! So very exciting! You know, there *are* like 5 houses for sale in my neighborhood...close to your mama to boot! Just sayin'! :)