Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A big sister goodie bag

Today I crossed the last major item off my pre-baby to-do list. Now I'm really, really, really, really ready! I wanted to put together a gift to give Dorothy when she comes to meet her little brother in the hospital, so I finally completed and wrapped the big sister goodie bag. I was having trouble finishing the last items because she's always around, and I wanted this to be a surprise. Today my wonderful neighbor took Dorothy to play in the snow, and I got to stay inside the warm and sew with ample privacy. I've put together a little collection of items she can use to care for her doll while I care for the new baby (idea stolen and modified a bit from what my own mom did 30 years ago when I became a big sis!). I'd already purchased a doll car seat and made some new doll clothes and diapers, and today I finished a little doll ring-sling and a diaper/messenger bag that matches (in miniature) the one I've made myself. I think she'll enjoy it, and hopefully it will give her something to do during a hospital visit that will likely be rather awkward in spite of everyone's best intentions.

1 comment:

  1. That is so sweet. I'm sure she will LOVE it now and treasure it forever.

    You get you nest on girl!