Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Messes of the Future

I'm starting to feel like I want the house to be clean all the time, so I won't be walking away from a huge mess when I go into labor. The problem is, all projects are somewhat messy, so it's hard to actually pass the time and keep a clean house. Yesterday's project doesn't seem like it should have been messy--a half dozen bibs for future real messes in the kitchen--but in reality I dragged up a bunch of fabric scraps from downstairs and now they are all over the living room. Too bad it is difficult to bend over, or I'd just pick them up instead of whining about it! Anyway, here are some of the bibs I made yesterday. They are all just simple, two-layer bibs with a snap, made out of scraps from other projects, and on one I made a simple dinosaur patch. Sometimes it doesn't pay to sew items over buying them discounted, but I love being able to get whole projects like this from scraps (plus a few snaps)--it's like creating free stuff out of nothing!

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