Saturday, May 8, 2010

Speaking of cleanliness

Dorothy spent the night with her Nana and Opa last night, and Rob and I spent our first night alone with the little guy. Of course we missed all of our girl's energy around the house, but it was pretty nice to have some time to just shamelessly drool over the beautiful baby without worrying about the feelings of a touchy 4-year-old. Dorothy likes to be involved in Worth's care to the extent that I've been known to sneak around and give him a bath after she's fallen asleep because I'm concerned that all her "help" will drown the baby, so this quiet morning with her gone was the perfect time to clean him and fuss over his amazing cuteness without her there to assist or witness.
So this post is just in celebration of my beautiful, clean (and safe!) baby. Photo 1: in the washpod, which I think is the best baby tub ever. Photo 2: enjoying a towel-dry. Photo 3: dressed and ready for the day, in a formerly sports-themed onesie I embellished with a vintage VW ad. I want to eat him up!

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